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Sales Analytics Trends to Consider

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  • Sales Analytics Trends to Consider

    Sales Analytics - The fashion industry is undeniably one of the most prominent segments that include the latest technology in the fastest way. While trends in trailblazing e-commerce such as Augmented Reality, Chatbots, AI, make online shopping an exciting experience, retailers, on the other hand, need to start applying an analytical trend to bring their sales to soaring levels.
    Because of this, powerful platforms like Magento and Shopify integrate business intelligence solutions to help retailers with real-time sales analytics customer behavior. Fashion is the most famous industry that explores the latest trends for profit and with this is an emerging analytical trend that is gradually gripped by fashion traders to boost their retail sales.
    Fashion website retailers spend a lot of marketing without promotion of all possible digital media including social media to attract more customers. Social marketing and online advertising are the cornerstones of an online business because it brings value and brand image to customers. Then, social media sales analytics and digital marketing responses reveal the brand's impact on customers and their level of satisfaction with the product. Small examples are the likes on the brand's Facebook page, the number of views in a promotional YouTube video, or the number of shares created from the blog.